Aucxis: leading specialist in business automation

With 35 years international experience of designing and implementing tailor-made automation solutions in different industries, Aucxis offers professional advice and integrates its clients’ ideas and objectives into advanced, user-friendly systems, using the latest technology.

Aucxis offers the synergy of three business units:

E-Trade Systems: Aucxis is worldwide market leader in designing and implementing customised E-Trade solutions for perishable goods markets. Our systems bring together supply and demand in a transparent way to create fair prices for the products offered.

RFID Solutions: Aucxis provides powerful RFID solutions to identify, authenticate and track and trace products, assets and people.

Process Control Systems: Aucxis develops innovative controlled atmosphere systems for the long preservation of perishable products. Other products include temperature and relative humidity control.

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Contact: Patrick Bauwens, Business Unit Manager E-trade & Process Control Systems: