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The Cold Chain Cluster service areas as displayed, are rendered by its different member companies and institutions. These agro-chain related services, advisory and technological solutions can be offered on individual member level, in cooperation with relevant selected fellow members, or from time to time by the whole cluster for different project modules in a larger more complex project.

Agreements with host country counterparts or clients are signed by the appointed lead firm in the sub-cluster or consortium within the Cold Chain Cluster. The Cold Chain Cluster is a public-private initiative and a collective of diligently selected and invited members. Please be informed that since the Cold Chain Cluster is not a registered legal entity, it can not and will not accept any liability for any works carried out by its members.

where performance and esthetics meet . . .

In the spirit of cooperation, we provide with passion holistic solutions, integrating high-end technological innovations with no-nonsense practical advisory and implementation.


    full range logistical expertise, related to processes, procedures, systems, regulations and standards.


    provide or support the provision of a suitable wholesale management and/or logistic and auction software and/or IT infrastructure.


    technical drawings engineering, architectural design of buildings and landscaping; the beauty of functionality.


    source or deliver, install and commission the relevant innovative technologies pertaining to cold stores, and fresh produce processing equipment and systems.


    conduct training on food production and processing quality management systems and certifications, such as, but not limited to, Global GAP, BRC, HACCP.


    assess and exploit import and export opportunities for fresh produce to which the cluster seeks to involve reputable fruit and vegetables traders.


    provide or support the provision of recycling and waste (water) management solutions.


    render operational and organisational support; interim management, coaching, and training services.