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The Cold Chain Cluster (“CCC”) is a pragmatic platform of Dutch reputable companies and institutes that have a shared commitment to the Gulf region.

history. CCC finds its roots in the Arabic peninsula, where a small alliance of Dutch professionals dedicated to reducing food losses by improving the performance of fresh produce value chains, sat together to establish an agro-logistic working group. This was in Riyadh, back in November 2016. To this extend, a first bilateral workshop was organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Riyadh to discuss different priority areas to combat food losses in perishables in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. High food losses in the value chain and food waste on household levels of as much as 50% have a negative affect on the regions food security and water saving ambitions. The Netherlands, like no other country, has so much all encompassing horticultural, logistic and water related expertise and innovative technological solutions to offer. The cluster was formed as an independent group, which members have a shared long term commitment to the Gulf region and work together in a modular fashion on a project-by-project basis.

cluster. The cluster is managed by GMBS Business Support, a private marketing advisory and agri-business development firm from The Netherlands, and is supported by the Embassy to the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The operations power of the cluster is secured in its qualified member companies and institutions. CCC members share technical expertise, extensive international experience and a commitment to provide holistic solutions in the spirit of technical passion, cooperation, mutual respect and transparency.

purpose. CCC aims to develop and provide smart agro-logistic technological and knowledge solutions to increase performance, quality and cost efficiency in perishable value chains whilst reducing food losses, and where chain actors (co-)operate in a just, transparent and interdependent environment to serve Gulf region consumers with the reliable and timely delivery of quality products.

mission. It is our mission as Dutch cluster of expertise, to develop and provide the required architecture, infrastructure, technologies, knowledge, processes and procedures, that form smart logistic solutions paving the way for high quality perishable food products in the Gulf region challenging climatic conditions in a sustainable manner; The cluster designs and develops sustainable food security and food safety solutions with limiting use of precious resources like energy and water.

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Maarten Smit

Maarten Smit

cluster coordinator
John Tsoutsanis

John Tsoutsanis

expert cold store design & refrigeration systems engineering

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